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Selecting The Proper Personal Tool Tether or Lanyard… Reprinted from ASSE publication PROFESSIONAL SAFETY’S “BEST PRACTICES”

Reduce Injuries, Damage & Lost Work Time. Objects dropped from above were the fourth leading cause of industrial accidents and a $5.6 billion cost to industry. A significant workplace safety issue is attracting quite a bit of attention: tools and […]

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The common lanyard-type tool tether is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

With such a high risk to workers’ safety, it’s unfortunate that very little has been published on the subject of tethering equipment and tethering safety techniques. Many safety professionals may not be aware of the range of options available to […]

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Security For Your Security Badge

New, failsafe Gear Keeper© RT5 Super Badge retractor is specifically designed for the rigors of daily security use. Corporate spying… Unauthorized entry to secure areas… Sabotage… few employers allow all of their employees access to all facilities all of the […]

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Gear Keeper Flame-Retardant Microphone Retractor Improves Communications For Firefighters

COOL MIC-TETHER FOR HOT SITUATIONS Hammerhead Industries, Inc., manufacturer of the world-renowned Gear Keeper® line of security equipment attachment accessories, is pleased to offer a version of its signature product especially designed for firefighting professionals: the High-Temperature Mic Keeper®.  It keeps an […]

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