Gear Keeper Flame-Retardant Microphone Retractor Improves Communications For Firefighters


With its 20 inches of extension, the MICKEEPER frees the user to concentrate on communications, not fumbling with equipment

Hammerhead Industries, Inc., manufacturer of the world-renowned Gear Keeper® line of security equipment attachment accessories, is pleased to offer a version of its signature product especially designed for firefighting professionals: the High-Temperature Mic Keeper®.  It keeps an emergency worker’s lapel mic ready for instant use, automatically stows it when it’s not in use — and keeps the mic close to where it’s needed most (instead of around the user’s ankles).

Weighing in at mere ounces, and smaller than most of the lapel mics it’s designed to support, the flame-resistant Mic Keeper consists of a self-contained, spring-loaded steel cable inside a rugged canister-style housing.  The unit attaches to the wearer; the microphone attaches to the end of the cable. With its 12 ounces of spring force, it’s just right for bringing a mic back into place when it’s not in use. And with its 20 inches of extension, it frees the user to concentrate on communications, not fumbling with equipment.  Best of all, the hi-temp tether prevents the loss of microphones in the heat of battle — making it not just a money-saver, but also a potential life-saver.

The Mic Keeper utilizes a pin mount, which lets it easily attach to virtually any turnout mic tab, radio pocket, modified collar or webbing harness.  Proudly made in the U.S.A., the Mic Keeper is backed by the manufacturer’s Guarantee of Quality.

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