New Gear Keeper® Personal Heavy Tool Tether’S Rugged, Non-Conductive Design Ideal for Power, Phone and Construction Workers

Perfect for power or telephone workers and construction sites — especially for those who work at heights.

Gear Keeper® has made a name for itself with innovative, retractable gear attachment systems that keep important items safely tethered and close at hand.  Now it has introduced a new personal heavy tool tether designed to keep drills, power drivers, electronic meters and other important items secured to your person and right where you need them for work.

This new model (TL1-3006 Economy Coil Carabiner/Side Release Lanyard) has a retracted length of 29 inches and extends to 45 inches for easy use of handheld tools.  This innovative system is built with a 500 kg load bearing carabiner for attachment to the user, combined with a quick-release detachable tool lanyard for easy tool exchange.

The Gear Keeper TL1-3006 provides full arm extension for operating tools, yet gently retracts to hold heavy items when not in use.  It is built with a sturdy, self–retracting inner coil with the ideal retracting force for heavy tools up to six pounds.  The coil is covered with high-strength black nylon webbing that is rugged enough to withstand tough working conditions in the field.  This cover, combined with the system’s supple coil design, minimizes the chance of entanglement.

These features and industrial-strength construction make this innovative new Gear Keeper ideal for a wide range of professional uses.  It’s perfect for power or telephone workers and construction sites — especially for those who work at heights.  With this system, heavy tools are kept within arm’s reach and can be used without resistance, yet you can work with the confidence that your tools  (and people underneath you) are protected, should you lose your grip.  This Gear Keeper model is also non-conductive, further increasing safety when working around electrical equipment.

For more information on the new Gear Keeper Model TL1-3006 heavy tool tether system — or any of Gear Keeper’s innovative line of gear attachment products for work or play — contact Hammerhead Industries, Inc., at 1501 Goodyear Avenue, Dept. P, Ventura, CA 93003 • Telephone: (888) 588-9981 • Or visit airmaxschuh airmaxschuh

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