Faster and Safer Extraction For Victim and Rescuer with the new Glass Keeper Adhesive Film


Firefighters and EMT personnel can now safely “peel away” an automobile window rather than smashing it into the vehicle and surrounding area.

Someone is injured in a car crash every 14 seconds. Of the more than 6 million auto accidents in the United States every year, over half a million require extraction of the victim. To maximize the victim’s chances of survival, it is critical that the injured be removed as quickly and as safely as possible.

After securing the victim, glass management is the firefighter’s next concern. However, when the window is punched-in for access to the patient, a dangerous situation can be made worse. The broken glass that showers the interior and exterior of the vehicle leaves razor sharp shards that impede the safe and quick removal of the victim and rescuer. Equally important, it puts unnecessary time constraints on the critical first 10 minutes of the “Golden Hour.”

To avoid additional injury to the victim during the extrication process, firefighters and EMT personnel can now safely “peel away” an automobile window rather than smashing it into the vehicle and surrounding area. The Glass Keeper adhesive film from Hammerhead Industries, quickly attaches to the car window and secures the glass. After the window is ”punched” by the rescuer, the Glass Keeper captures and removes 95% of the broken glass. The entire process takes less than 45 seconds. Without the fear of further injury, the firefighter will have “glass-free” immediate access to the patient.

Freeing up the time of valuable rescue workers, the Glass Keeper adhesive film window removal system takes only one person to attach it to the car window and remove the glass. No tools or additional cutting are required. Manufactured with a tenacious adhesive, the Glass Keeper securely bonds to car windows whether they are clean, wet or dirty.

“With the Glass Keeper, just apply it to the window, break the glass, pull it off and you’re done. You’re in. It’s clean and it’s quick,” according to Tim Scott, a 22-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Fire Department.“ In less than a minute, Glass Keeper gives you direct access to the patient. It’s a much more expedient process and it keeps us within that ‘Golden Hour’ to get the patient to the hospital. Using the Glass Keeper to keep the glass out of the vehicle creates a safer environment for everyone involved.”

“When involved in a rescue situation it goes without saying that it is extremely important to have the proper gear readily accessible,” says John Salentine, Vice President and co-founder of Hammerhead Industries, manufacturers of the Glass Keeper and Gear Keeper systems. “Because of its life saving ability to expedite an auto accident victim’s extraction time, the Glass Keeper should be standard safety equipment on every fire truck and emergency vehicle. Our new Glass Keeper is a major step forward in auto accident rescue safety.”

Individual Glass Keeper adhesive films measure 20” x 30”. They are packaged in a rolled tube containing two Glass Keeper devices. The lightweight and compact product’s list price is $39.99 per set. To order ask for Part# GL3-0002. For a dealer near you, contact Hammerhead Industries at 888.588.9981. The Glass Keeper and full line of Gear Keeper products are available on the company’s website at air max air max

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