COME! SIT! STAY! No More Dropped or Lost Dog Training Transmitters.

Gear Keeper® Retractable Tether Keeps Dog-Training Transmitter in your hand when you need it and automatically stored out of the way when you don’t

A distracted trainer fumbling for a dropped transmitter can lose the dog’s “Aha” moment.

Ventura, Calif.– Training a dog takes patience and attention to detail, especially when using electronic collars and training transmitters. Whether out in the field tracking game or at an indoor facility doing the training basics, a distracted handler fumbling for a dropped transmitter can lose the dog’s “Aha” moment. Dog trainers, hunters, and even family dog owners who depend on radio-controlled training systems for their dogs know that time spent searching for a dropped or misplaced transmitter can impact the animal’s safety and the overall success of a hunt or training session.

When your dog needs an electronic prompt, it’s as easy as grab, point, activate and let go as the transmitter automatically retracts to its secured position.   The Gear Keeper retractable tether is a durable attachment system that keeps transmitters close at hand for use or stand-by storage, preventing loss and damage.

The Gear Keeper retractable tethering system is designed to work with all leading electronic training systems including Innotek®, Dogtra®, TriTronics® (Sportsmen Series), Pet Smart®, D.T. Systems® and PetSafe®. When working with dogs involved in hunting, tracking, search and rescue, or police work it insures that the transmitter is always at hand when you need it.

“When training or hunting with dogs it is extremely important to have your gear easily accessible,” says John Salentine, Vice President and co-founder of Hammerhead Industries, which manufactures Gear Keeper systems.  “While all of our products at Gear Keeper are designed to meet very specific needs, everything centers back to our expertise in creating solutions for situations when holding onto the gear with your hands alone, is simply not an option.”

The heart of the Gear Keeper Dog Training Transmitter Retractor is its built-in, spring-loaded cable that provides up to 32 inches of extension and 9 ounces of retraction force, with the cable retreating smoothly inside a compact canister that attaches to the wearer.  The lanyard affixes to the transmitter via Gear Keeper’s “Quick Connect” or “Side Release” system. Manufactured with high-impact casing, stainless steel spring and hardware, sturdy Spectra /nylon line and 60 pounds of breaking strength, the Gear Keeper system is saltwater proof and self-flushing for many seasons of outdoor use. Each tether comes with three mounting options: the Snap-Clip Mount to attach to any D?ring, belt-loop, or zipper-pull, the Velcro Strap Mount to securely wrap and cinch around any loop, belt or strap, and the Threaded Stud Mount which easily penetrates tough fabric or webbing.

Gear Keeper offers a complete line of tethering systems. The full array of Gear Keeper tethers and accessories are available on the company’s website. Visit nike air max günstig nike air max günstig

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