The innovators at Hammerhead Industries are giving truckers a fun new way to express themselves while on the job with Gear Keeper’s Retractable CB Mic Keeper™ RT2 Designer Series. Stylish yet functional, the new Gear Keeper® line is intended to keep truckers safe while communicating on the road, while at the same time, adding a little flair inside the cab. Gear Keeper’s CB Mic Keeper has revolutionized the way truckers communicate, eliminating the potentially dangerous fumbling of the mic while placing it back in its hanger, and keeping the driver’s focus and attention where it’s needed most — on the road.

The Designer Series features top design elements while keeping in tradition with Geer Keeper’s high standards and quality products. For the proud and patriotic, Gear Keeper offers its Stars & Stripes model, while the Red Flame and Blue Flame models help add edge to any interior. There is also the Carbon Graphite model for those with contemporary taste, as well as a Standard Chrome for a sleek industrial feel.

The Gear Keeper CB Mic Keeper is simple to install: simply mount it securely to any existing screw (i.e. headliner, visor, radio mount or dome light) with the provided D-ring and attach the unit into place with the snap clip. Once attached, the lanyard drops the mic to a convenient hanging position, eliminating hazardous dangling bungee cords while keeping it safe, secure, and within arm’s reach.

With 23” extension and 9 oz. retraction force, the CB Mic Keeper will give you the slack needed to efficiently communicate, and easily retract back into position every time. Plus, its Quick Connect attachment with Pivot-Ball Connection keeps the mic properly positioned and makes it a snap to remove. Now all truckers have to do is grab their mic, use it, and let it go without the worry of it dropping on the dash or hitting their head.

Built to withstand the hard daily use of serious drivers, this device features a nylon-coated stainless steel cable with a 60-lb. break strength rating. A high-impact housing protects the Gear Keeper’s internal components and ensures durability over the long haul.

For more information about the Gear Keeper’s Retractable CB Mic Keeper Designer Series — or any of the company’s innovative retractable tether products — contact Hammerhead Industries, Inc. at 1501 Goodyear Avenue, Ventura, CA 93003 Phone: (805) 658 9922 • Fax: (805) 658-8833 • Or visit nike air max weiß damen nike air max weiß damen

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