GEAR KEEPER® SHEDS SOME LIGHT ON FIRE SAFETY: Introducing the Right Angle Flashlight Retractor Kit

It’s a firefighters job to act quickly when it comes to making a life-saving decision during a dangerous fire, so there’s no time to waste searching for gear or worrying about losing it in the wreckage. That’s why Gear Keeper®, the creators of the popular line of rugged, retractable gear attachment systems, has developed the new Gear Keeper Right Angle Flashlight Retractor Kit especially for firefighters, which not only keeps flashlights accessible and prevents loss, but also eliminates the annoying swinging and dangling associated with right angle flashlights. This innovative kit combines the proper retractor force with a stabilizer strap to keep firefighter’s right angle flashlights strapped to their jackets and ready for use at a moment’s notice.

There are two models available for use — either the smaller 4-AA flashlights (12 oz., 20” extension, SS Cable with nylon coating) or the larger 4-C/Rechargable Flashlights (24 oz, 32” extension, nylon line with a Kevlar Core). The Gear Keeper Right Angle Flashlight Retractor Kit boasts a 60-lb break strength for the smaller version and an 80-lb. break strength for the larger version. Like all Gear Keeper retractors, the Right Angle Flashlight Kit features the patented flushing system that clears sand and debris from the unit, essential for the smoky and ash-filled environments firefighters work in — making it impervious to the harshest elements faced on the job.

The new Gear Keeper Right Angle Flashlight Kit includes the patented Q/C-II Connector System, which allows the flashlight to be easily removed from the turnout coat and a stabilizer strap, which helps eliminate the flashlight’s movement when attached — keeping it from swinging and always properly positioned pointed forward. When it is necessary to crawl, the flashlight can be easily removed from the stabilizer strap, enabling it to hang forward. The retractor allows the flashlight to be extended during use, while remaining securely attached to prevent loss. Now you can grab your flashlight, use it, and let it go.

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