A Self Retracting Device That Keeps Your CB Mic Out of the Way But Within Easy Reach When You Need It.


The newly enhanced Gear Keeper® Retractable CB Mic Keeper® (Model RT4-4112) is specially designed to meet the communications needs of truckers, delivery drivers and emergency workers — and anyone else who needs to stay in touch while on the road. Featuring twice the spring life and a generous 28-inch cable extension, this compact and rugged device makes any CB easier and more convenient to use.

With the Gear Keeper Retractable CB Mic Keeper, communicating is as simple as grabbing your mic, using it and letting it go. It retracts every time — all without distracting you from driving. No more dropping the mic on the dashboard, dealing with tangle-prone bungee cords or microphones that swing around and hit you on the head when traveling rough roads.

The Gear Keeper Retractable CB Mic Keeper comes with a convenient D-ring for easy mounting to the screws found on a vehicle’s sun visor, headliner, radio mount or dome light. The Gear Keeper Retractable CB Mic Keeper’s lanyard attachment keeps the mic in a convenient hanging position, within easy reach and ready for use by driver or co-pilot. Gear Keeper’s Quick Connect attachment with Pivot-Ball Connection keeps the mic properly positioned and makes it a snap to remove from the lanyard.

Built to withstand the hard daily use of trucking and emergency vehicle use, this device features nylon coated stainless steel cable with a 60-lb. break strength rating. A high-impact housing protects the Gear Keeper’s internal components and ensures durability over the long haul. In addition to the basic black, it even comes in a Stars and Stripes motif for the patriotic driver and a heavy-duty model that comes with a lock for drivers that are tough on their equipment.

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