Protect employees from tools falling from above. Cost to industry… $4.3 billion in 2009.

Gear Keeper’s instrument and tool tethering systems are inexpensive insurance against the damage and injury caused by objects dropped from above. According to Liberty Mutual’s 2009 Safety Index, the monetary cost to U. S. industry in 2009 was $4.3 billion. Overall, dropped objects were the 5th leading cost of industrial accidents. In addition, OSHA Reg. 1926.759a requires that all materials, equipment and tools, which are not in use while aloft, must be secured against accidental displacement. The following top 10 categories account for 87.9% of the cost burden of disabling workplace injuries:
1. Overexertion. Cost: $12.4B (25.7%)
2. Fall on the same level (such as slips and trips). Cost: $6.4B (13.3%)
3. Fall to lower level. Cost: $5.3B (10.8%)
4. Bodily reaction (injuries caused from slipping or tripping without falling). Cost: $4.8B (10.0%)
5. Struck by object (such as a tool falling from above). Cost: $4.3 billion (8.9%)
6. Struck against object (such as a worker walking into a door). Cost: $2.5B (5.1%)
7. Highway incident. Cost: $2.4B (4.9%)
8. Caught in/compressed by. Cost: $2.1B (4.4%)
9. Repetitive motion (injuries due to repeated stress or strain). Cost: $2.0B (4.0%), and
10. Assaults/violent acts. Cost: $0.4B (0.9%).

Starting in July 2000, The Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety began an initiative to develop a reliable ranking of the 10 leading causes of disabling workplace injuries and their direct costs to industry. The Index has been released annually since then.

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