New Gear Keeper ANSI/ISEA-121 Shock Absorbing 3/4” SuperCoil Tool Tether.

Ergonomically designed with Gear Keeper’s exclusive Integrated Woven Elastic Technology provides shortest retracted length to minimize entanglement issues. 

Gear Keeper’s new ANSI/ISEA-121 compatible ¾” personal tool tether TL1-3041 is a strong shock absorbing tether that can be used for virtually any tool up to fifteen pounds. Unlike stiff, non-ergonomic bungee designs that have minimum stretch and shock-absorbing capabilities, Gear Keeper’s TL1-3041 SuperCoil employs the company’s unique integrated polypropylene elastic that is woven throughout the entire webbing. This proprietary Integrated Woven Elastic Technology (IWET) provides two distinct safety and convenience advantages. Because the new SuperCoil has the shortest retracted length (27”) combined with the longest extended length (48”), it will minimize entanglement and drop-shock issues. This is important when working in close quarters or climbing.

The TL1-3041 typically is attached to a person and provides ample arm-reach extension. For additional safety and convenience, the tether’s ergonomic low-force extension significantly reduces muscle fatigue when extended for use. The heavy-duty tether comes complete with two ANSI/ISEA-121 compatible, double-locking aluminum carabiners are quick functioning to permit faster tool change-out than a screw gate type locking carabiner. The tether also serves as a short drop-length anchor tether.

Individual TL1-3041 SuperCoil Tool Tethers retail for $36 with ten packs lowering the cost to $33.50 each. Additional quantity discounts are available by contacting the company. To obtain a catalog or for more information about the new Gear Keeper Economy Tool Tethers, or any of the company’s other innovative tethering products call (888) 588-9981 or visit to learn about the full line of Gear Keeper’s tool and instrument tethers, lanyards and accessories.

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