Eight inexpensive ways to free up your hands when fighting fires

Gear Keeper’s Add-A-Clip™, is the easiest way to secure small tools exactly where you need them.

Running through blinding smoke during a dangerous fire, firefighters must react quickly when it comes to making a life-saving decision.


There’s no time to waste fumbling for their small, but critically important hand tools and accessories like gloves, scissors, knives and flashlights. The eight, inexpensive Add-A-Clip devices will prove to be invaluable when firefighters’ hands need to be free. They are also an easy, quick and inexpensive way of adding a clip to turnout coat, without sending the turnout coat out of service for alterations.

Gear Keeper’s versatile Add-A-Clip product family offers a choice of eight different clip models that can attach small hand tools to webbing straps, turnout coats, buoyancy compensators or backpacks. The Add-A-Clip product family also includes a wide range of attachment options. Firefighters can choose the perfect add-a-clip model to fit their needs; a threaded stainless steel pin stud that penetrates heavy material; a simple split ring; swivel snap clips and side activated quick release models. Also included are flashlight stabilizers and glove holders.

The Add-A-Clip series include the following models:

ACO-1001 Plastic Snap Clip ($8.49)

ACO-1002 Stainless Steel Split Ring ($8.49

ACO-1003 Side Quick Release with split ring ($10.49)

ACO-1004 Stainless Steel Snap Clip ($13.49)

ACO-1005 Stainless Steel Swivel Snap Clip ($16.49)

ACO-1006 Glove Holder ($12.49)

ACO-1007 Brass Snap Clip ($11.49)

ACO-1008 Flashlight Stabilizer ($8.99)


Quantity discounts are available. Contact customer service at 888.588.9981

For more information about Add-A-Clip models log on to: http://www.gearkeeper.com/scuba/add-a-clip.html

With millions of systems in use, Gear Keeper devices have a failure rate of less than .001 percent. The full line of Gear Keeper tool tethers and accessories are available on the company’s website at gearkeeper.com or by calling Hammerhead Industries’ Customer Service at 888.588.9981. canada goose sale canada goose sale

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