Need To Secure Small Items? Twelve New, Small Tool Retractors From Gear Keeper©.

These small tool retractors let you pull the tool out, use it and then let it automatically retract back.

Retactor Family1

General Purpose Retractor Family (from left); aluminum carabiner, threaded stud mount, snap clip and Velcro strap mounting devices

Even small tools dropped from above are serious safety hazards. When working at heights, some of the most commonly used tools (i.e. pen knives, small screw drivers, scissors…) are often improperly secured and need to be tethered. The new line of Gear Keeper General Purpose Retractors is a simple and convenient tethering solution that will safely secure a small tool while still having the benefit of extending and retracting the item as needed. Just pull it out, use it and let it go. It will automatically and safely retract back to its secure mounting.

Offering a range of three retraction forces and four mounting options that solve virtually all small tool tethering needs, the new Gear Keeper family of general purpose retracting systems are the perfect solution for safely securing lightweight objects. These General Purpose Retractors are industrial strength devices with an extremely durable Spectra/Nylon lanyard line and are available with a choice of retraction forces and mounting options.

Intended to match retraction force to the weight of the tool they are being used with, the new model RT4-00XX series of General Purpose Retractors are offered in retraction forces of 3 oz., 6 oz. and 9 oz. and all come with Gear Keeper’s patented Quick Connect/Release system. The retractable devices provide lanyard extensions up to 36” for ample reach when extended and can be attached to the user by a choice of four mounting options. Each of the 3 oz., 6 oz. or 9 oz. retractors are available with either a snap mount, threaded stud mount, aluminum carabiner or Velcro strap mounting device.

The new General Purpose Retractor line RT4-00XX ranges in price from $19.99 to $21.99 depending on the mounting option chosen. For volume discounts, contact the company.

To find a dealer near you or for more information about the new General Purpose Retractable

Tethering Systems — or any of the company’s other innovative tethering products and accessories contact Customer Service, Hammerhead Industries Inc, 1501 Goodyear Avenue, Ste. C, Ventura, California. 93003 at (888) 588-9981 – To get a copy of the new Gear Keeper catalog visit michael kors tasche sale michael kors tasche sale

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