Retractable Camera Tether Keeps Cameras Handy When Your Hands Are Busy

Versatile Tether Perfect Camera Storage Solution for Photographers, Sailors, Fly Fishermen, Cyclist, Tourists, Outdoor Enthusiasts .

Anyone who spends time doing outdoor activities knows how frustrating it can be to come across a perfect photo opportunity only to miss it because you can’t find your camera. But with a retractable tether from Gear Keeper on your camera, capturing that amazing moment is as easy as grab, point, snap and let go as the camera automatically retracts to its secured position.

The Gear Keeper Camera Retractor is an inexpensive tether that is available with either a Velcro strap mount or a snap clip mount to attach easily to any loop or strap. The tether is a great solution for hikers, cyclists, skiers, motorcyclists, mountain climbers, archeologists, tourists, professional photographers and anyone who takes photos.

“Gear Keeper systems are available in more than 3,000 configuration options but they were originally engineered for use during SCUBA diving so they were literally born out of a need to secure items in situations where your hands are otherwise occupied,” says John Salentine, Vice President and co-founder of Hammerhead Industries, which manufactures Gear Keeper systems. “It wasn’t long before outdoorsmen started asking us to make one specifically for cameras, and now that we have it is being used for hundreds of applications.”

The Camera Retractor is built to hold up to 9 ounces, enough to hold most small cameras. It can extend up to 25 inches so users do not have to unhook it to snap a photo.

Gear Keeper offers a complete line of tethering systems designed specifically for outdoor activities. The full array of Gear Keeper tethers and accessories are available on the company’s website at nike thea schwarz nike thea schwarz

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